Creating videos is so much easier and faster for me when I’m using a teleprompter, and it’s quicker to edit the videos, too. For me, what I like to use is the Caddie Buddy teleprompter. I’ve been using it for all my videos and I’m happy to hear that they’ve made new improvements this time.

In this video, I’m gonna show you Caddie Buddy’s awesome features and why they stand out from all the rest of the teleprompters out there.

Six reasons why you should get the Caddie Buddy teleprompter

  1. Sewed-in velcro attachment and neoprene rubber on the black fabric. Unlike other teleprompter kits, Caddie Buddy’s black fabric has a long, sewed-in velcro attachment which allows the fabric to attach to the glass frame firmly. It is also lined with a sewed-in neoprene foam so that the fabric won’t fall off in front of the camera easily.
  2. Adjustable tray for iPad and iPhone. With the adjustable tray, you can move your iPad/iPhone back and forth depending on the height of your camera.
  3. Adjustable glass/mirror. Most teleprompters have their glass at a permanent angle, which is not so convenient especially for storing and travelling, but Caddie Buddy solves that problem by providing an adjustable glass/mirror. You can easily adjust it higher or lower, or you can also fold it all the way down for easy storage and transport.
  4. Adjustable camera holder. The Caddie Buddy teleprompter gives you the freedom to adjust your camera up and down or move it back and forth without having to unmount it.
  5. Adjustable teleprompter. With its new design, you can now move the whole teleprompter itself forward or backward on the tripod with ease. What’s great about this is you can get your camera right above the tripod and prevents your camera from falling off.
  6. Big, reliable screws for attachment. Attaches your camera to the teleprompter securely. Big screws are also used to attach the teleprompter to the tripod.

I’ve worked with different teleprompters before and I can assure you that the Caddie Buddy teleprompter is really convenient, easy to use and is worth every. It is my favorite teleprompter!

You can order this through Amazon which is super easy for me, and y0u can order it right here: (affiliate link)

I also did a comparison between the Caddie Buddy and a similar teleprompter a year ago. Watch the video here.

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