If you want to make eye contact with someone on a video call like Zoom or Skype, then you need to look into your webcam. But then you’re no longer looking at them, and can’t see their facial expressions, movements, etc. Enter the MECA webcam. This webcam is smaller than a dime and can be attached to your screen just above the other person’s eyes. The eyeline isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than having the camera at the top of your screen. 

There is a similar product called the Center Cam, but I have not tested it. However, I’ve seen footage from it and I was not impressed.

I’ve tested many teleprompter options to allow eye contact (and this is still the best way to make eye contact because the camera is 100% hidden.) You can see my video about that setup here:

You can purchase the MECA here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meca-3-in-1-webcam-eye-contact-make-you-confident/x/28044384

The MECA is a USB webcam, including a USB-C adapter. The camera mounts to the middle of the screen with adhesive or a magnet (if your screen is slim enough.) It includes a light and microphone. If you want to make eye contact on video calls, this is the device for you.