Testimonials: the powerful marketing tool for coaches

One of the most powerful tools for marketing your coaching business is the client testimonial. If you have clients singing your praises to their friends and colleagues, then online testimonials are the obvious way to move your business from referral or word-of-mouth marketing to servicing clients who are not in your extended network. Plus, they can help your existing clients refer you to their friends (“Hey Jane, you would love my business coach, check out the testimonials on her website to see what she’s done for me and for other business owners”) So online testimonials can further grow your word-of-mouth marketing.

But what’s holding you back?

However, most coaches avoid asking their clients for testimonials. Coaches typically don’t like self-promotion, so asking someone to say good things about you can be awkward. Asking a client to do something for you also can feel backwards. And finding the right words to use when you ask, or how you direct your clients can be tricky. If you’d like your clients to leave a testimonial using video, the barrier just get even higher!

Brighton makes video testimonials easy and fun!

That’s where I come in. I make capturing client video testimonials easy for you and easy for your clients. Many coaches and clients even say that it’s fun and strengthens their relationship with existing clients.

What’s my secret? I do almost everything for you. I’ll provide templates to ask your client’s permission. I have a website for them to schedule and a short video they will use to prepare. It takes just 15 minutes on a Skype call with me. I provide direction, coaching, guidance, questions, and I gently give them feedback to improve how they show up on camera.

When the Skype call is complete, my team will edit the video. We find the best pieces and put them together into a story. We even call out the highlights with text on screen – all matching the style of your website. Then we give you the html code that you’ll paste into your website to share with the world.

Your coaching clients don’t need anything special. Just a computer with a webcam and microphone. 99% of laptops are ready to go, and most desktops are too. And we can film using their smartphone too.

Your clients will be filmed in the comfort of their home or office, with just their own camera. No intrusion by a video crew. No appointments at a video studio. No glaring lights. Nothing more than 15 minutes of their time. This video testimonial is much easier than providing a written testimonial. And you can turn the testimonial into a written testimonial too!

My system is also very personal. Your clients will meet with me. This isn’t an online service where your coaches connect to a website and try to talk to their webcam. They have a conversation with a real human being – one who is fun, encouraging, and understanding of people’s fears. A number of services exist online to capture video testimonials using just software. That may be an option if you are coaching Millennials who are accustomed to filming themselves. But if your clients are older than 35, they are not likely to follow through without personal support.

Why Video Testimonials for Coaches?

People love watching video online. It’s real. It’s authentic. And it’s easy to sit back and hear how you’ve impacted your client’s lives. And your future clients will see themselves walking in the footsteps of you existing successful clients.

If referral and word-of-mouth marketing are working for you, that means that your clients are singing you praises. Let’s leverage those success stories with the power of the Internet so that we amplify their voices around the world – and far beyond your extended network.

Ready to get started with this powerful marketing tool?

If you’re ready to start getting those testimonials, you can purchase a pack of three client testimonials. And if you aren’t sure if video testimonials are right for your coaching practice, then let’s hop on a Zoom call and talk about the possibilities for your coaching practice.