Abby Feldman is a comedian turned YouTube Vlogger.  Her journey was a little different than most.  Abby answered a casting call.

How did Abby get started:

She answered a casting call for a company looking for a vlogger.

What inspires Abby:

The world around and inside of her.  She’s most inspired when something makes her feel an emotion.  And she likes to talk to strangers.

Learning from a mistake:

She’s never made a mistake – because life is about the journey.

What’s next:

Abby is writing a series based on her life as a white, American, Jewish, Latina, New Yorker.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Her voice.

Let’s talk money.

Sometimes she makes money.  Which is crazy because so often she doesn’t make money.

How to find Abby: