Can’t decide what’s the best business video background to suit your needs? Let me help you sort that out.

In this video, I’m going to share some rules on choosing the perfect background for your videos and how important having an appropriate background is to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Let’s get started.

When you’re on camera with a new viewer, they don’t have much context to decide if they trust you. So eye contact, nice outfit and a proper background are things that you need to think about.

Rules to choosing the perfect business video background

Rule #1: No distractions.

You have to make sure that there are no children, no pets, and no words behind you so that the audience can focus on you.

Now with words, you have to know that when viewers are able to see them, they will be compelled to read them. So unless you’re filming with a DSLR (which can blur the background for you), having a bookshelf behind you may not be the best idea as it may take away your viewer’s attention from you, and will start learning more about your reading habits than what you’re actually sharing with them.

Rule #2: Establishing authenticity or authority.

Choosing the right background will help establish your authority on the subject. For example, if you’re talking about cooking, then be in a kitchen. If you’re a professional chef talking about cooking, then it should be a commercial kitchen. The idea is for the viewer to say, “That’s the place I would expect to find the expert in your field.”

You might also want to consider using colored paper for your backgrounds, which is a good bet for beginners since using a white or black background is a lot harder to set up than colored paper. You can learn more in this Wistia blog post.

To learn more about how backgrounds can help establish your authority, watch the video above!

Did you like this tutorial? Was this helpful? Do you already have an idea of what background you’re gonna be using for your videos? Let me know in the comments!