Billie Goldman produces Social Film for Intel.  She’s produced three series over three years, which have been collectively viewed 200 million times.  They have received eight awards including an Emmy.  Unlike most online video, social film is interactive with the audience submitting content that is featured in the following episode.

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What is Billie’s role in the production:

Billie is the campaign director – or the center point of decision making on the series and the glue that holds it all together.

Why did Intel/Toshiba choose Social Film instead of regular advertising:

Intel and Toshiba need to reach the Millennial audience and create an emotional connection.  Millennials do not like being advertised to.  Social Film is a great way to reach this audience because it is a trade of the viewers time for entertainment.

Learning from a mistake:

Billie has learned a lot over three years.  The first season, the episode length varied from 23 seconds to eight minutes and they were not released on a regular schedule.  Episodes in season two were approximately eight minutes long and released on a weekly basis.  They also learned how much guidance to give the audience and how much creativity to allow them.

Let’s talk money.

Intel and Toshiba took part of their marketing budgets and invested in social film, and that was a good, measurable investment.  Two things they measured were brand conviction and brand sales consideration.  Social Film resulted in an 8-12% lift in these areas (3% is typical for their advertising campaigns.)

What’s next:

Billie is working on season four, and has plans for additional seasons.  Social Film is very new and there are many genres and possibilities.

How to find the Inside Films / Billie:

Google: Billie Goldman

Inside Films Website