What does it take to be a YouTube star?  Join us as we meet Sunshine from the Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network.

In December of 2010, Sunshine filmed her first YouTube video – about ghosts in her house.  That series blossomed into a network of content creators who have attracted over 120,000 subscribers.  She’s currently releasing new videos three times per week.

What inspires Sunshine:

Her fans, and TV shows like the Walking Dead.

What she’s surprised by:

That she’s become a role model for her audience.

What’s next:

Some things she can’t talk about yet, and collaborations with other YouTubers.

[Update] The things Sunshine couldn’t talk about turned out to be a pretty big deal.  She signed a book and movie deal with Weinstein Company.  And you can now find The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Book One on Amazon.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Sunshine started with a flip-cam.  Proving that it’s really pretty easy to start on YouTube.

Are you making money?

Yep – this is my full time job.

How to find Sunshine:

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – she has all of them.  Plus a website.