Do you have more than one YouTube channel? Make it really easy for your audience to find videos from your other channels by adding Featured Channels to your YouTube homepage.

This is a really great tool, especially if you have a couple of similar YouTube channels associated with your name or business. You can also use it to promote your friends’ channels or other recommended businesses.

If people find one of your videos and it’s not the content they’re looking for, make it easy for them to find the right content – or else, they may give up and move on to one of your competitors.

How to Add Featured Channels

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the channel where you want to add the link. Click on ‘My Channel’.
  2. On your homepage, Click ‘Add Channels’ under ‘Featured Channels’ at the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the channel username or URL that you want to add. Click ‘Done.’
  4. You can add a section near the bottom that includes channels. Click ‘Add a section’, ‘Select content’ and choose ‘Custom grouping’.
  5. Under ‘Channel Selection’, click ‘Add channels’. Create a title for this section then enter the channel username or URL that you want to add.
  6. You can change the order of the sections by clicking the up and down arrows on the upper right corner of the section.
  7. You can also turn off sections (like Uploads) by clicking the pencil icon on the upper right corner, then the trash icon. This cleans up your homepage, letting your audience focus on what you want them to watch.

Turning off Popular Channels

You can disable the Popular Channels sidebar too! Simply hover your cursor over it, then the ‘Enabled’ button, then click ‘Disable’. If you want people to focus on your other channels and your friends’ channels, then this is the way to go.

Adding featured channels to your YouTube homepage is so easy and will only take a couple of minutes! So go ahead and try it out now!