When creating videos, it’s easy to use just one device – a camera with a built-in microphone, an iPhone or a smart phone – to capture audio and video. But if you want to produce high-quality material, you might want to capture audio and video separately using an audio recorder and a DSLR camera.

This means you’re going to work with two files – an audio and a video file – and you will have to stitch them together and synchronize them perfectly.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to sync audio and video with Final Cut Pro.

How to sync audio and video with Final Cut Pro

  1. Import the audio and video file.
  2. Drag them down to the timeline. Most cameras have a built-in microphone, so you’re going to see a waveform in the video file as well. If it doesn’t match with the waveform from the audio recording, they’re not in sync.
  3. Highlight the imported audio and video files (1). Click Clip > Synchronize clips. This will create a new clip with the synchronized audio.
  4. Delete the audio and video clips in the timeline and drag the synchronized clip down to the timeline. They are now synchronized, but the bad audio from the camera’s built-in microphone is still in there.
  5. Under Channel Configuration, you can see two waveforms. Storyline contains the audio recording from the camera; Connected contains the audio from the audio recorder. Uncheck Storyline so that you only have the audio from the audio recorder.

There you have it! Syncing audio and video with Final Cut is really simple and easy to do, so go ahead and try it!