Connection is very important when you’re in business – online or offline. So how can you better connect with your audience through video?

When using Skype or recording videos using a webcam or an iPhone, it’s really natural for most people to look at the screen and not towards the camera. This makes us look like we’re looking at the other person’s chest or to the side, or whichever direction the camera is, which may seem kinda rude.

Below you’ll find a couple of quick tips to avoid this in your calls and recordings.

Tip # 1: Look directly at the camera.

This is a no-brainer. If you want to make a great connection, don’t look at your screen – no matter how tempted you are!

Tip # 2: For those using Skype, move the video that you’re watching right below the camera.

This way, you can still see who you’re talking to (or yourself, if you wanna check how you’re translating to the camera) and at the same time not lose the connection with your audience. Having that video right below the camera will make it look like you’re still looking at them even when you’re not directly looking at the camera.

So that’s it. If you want to be more connected to your audience, just follow these two quick tips.