Jim Demmon is with Clark Vancouver Television in Vancouver, Washington.  CVTV is the local government access station, and has two YouTube channels.  CVTV provides programming for local residents and visitors.

How did Jim get started:

Jim has a degree in Telecommunications and Film from the University of Oregon.  He worked for Portland Public Schools, KOIN TV and now CVTV.

What inspires Jim:

Open, accessible government.

Learning from a mistake:

Adding closed-captioning across multiple platforms has been a challenge.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Broadcast Pix Switchers.

Let’s talk money.

CVTV is funded by the general funds of Clark County and City of Vancouver, along with a capital fee on cable TV bills.

What’s next:

CVTV is going High Definition.  And revamping CVTV.org to improve the customer experience.

How to find CVTV:

In Vancouver-Clark County, cable channels 23 and 21.