Do you want to live stream a YouTube video using your iPhone?

In this tutorial, I’ll share how to create a simple, live YouTube video with your iPhone.

How To Live Stream on YouTube Using Your iPhone

  1. Open the YouTube App on your iPhone.
  2. Push the video camera icon. You’ll see two options: Record and Go Live. If you do not see the Go Live option, that’s because live video is not turned on for your profile. Check your settings if you’re eligible to broadcast live video.
  3. Click ‘Go Live’. Assuming you’re eligible for live video, click the Go Live option. If it’s your first time going live, you’re going to need to verify your phone number.
  4. Create a title for your live video.
  5. Choose your audience. Click Public, then choose if you want your video to be Public or Unlisted. Click Next.
  6. Capture your thumbnail. Make sure you’re looking at the camera and smile for a selfie.
  7. Click ‘Go Live’ to start your live broadcast.
  8. To stop streaming, click ‘End’.
  9. To see the statistics about the video, click ‘Done’. 

Bonus tip: It’s best to sit there for a second and keep staring at the camera because sometimes the sound stops first before the video.

Going live is a great way to connect with your audience – and you can do that on other social media platforms as well.

If you have any questions about YouTube or going live on YouTube, drop them in the comments below.