Marsha Shandur AKA Yes Yes Marsha helps coaches, freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs get noticed by teaching them how to network.  Online video is an important marketing tool for Marsha because potential clients get to know her before they meet – so now she’s attracting “her people.”

How did Marsha get started:

Marsha realized the the advice that she was giving away for free was valuable, so she turned it into a business.  She added video to her business because she wouldn’t hire a coach who she hadn’t seen a video of to see how comfortable she was with them.  With online video, Marsha can project her personality and attract clients that are the best match for her.

What inspires Marsha:

She’s inspired by Marie Forleo (Marsha is a B-Schooler) and also other B-schoolers who teach about how to use video in your business such as, Share Ross, Sarah Michelle Brown and Holly Gillen.

Learning from a mistake:

Marsha learned that it’s OK to put stuff out in the world that isn’t perfect.  She can pick out tiny little mistakes in her video, but the content is what the audience sees, not the out of place hair.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Marsha is a fan of her Zoom H4N audio recorder.  This is the same recorder we use on Subscriber Nation.  Marsha also recommends renting equipment.

Let’s talk money.

Marsha has one-on-one clients.  She uses video to stand out from her peers and connect with people that match her personality – people feel like they know her before they even meet.

What’s next:

Marsha took a break from video over the summer and is coming back with a special video on “self promotion.”

How to find Marsha: