Ohaple has a YouTube Channel that’s a mix of gaming, YouTube tips and interviews.

How did Ohaple get started:

Ohaple started his YouTube channel about a year ago, playing some online games with friends.

What inspires Ohaple:

Other YouTubers are a great source of inspiration, but Ohaple also draws from his personal life.

Learning from a mistake:

Debating in the comment section.  Ohaple posted a more controversial video and got into a comment debate.  Now he steers clear of negativity in the comments section.

Let’s talk money.

Ohaple started running ads about 1-2 months into his show, when he had about 150 subscribers.  He partnered with a network called Miquos.

What’s next:

Ohaple is going off to law school, but plans to continue his YouTube channel.

How to find Ohaple:


Twitter: @Ohaple


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