Owen Hemsath is the president of Videospot Marketing.  They run a video blog on YouTube where they help to train, teach and motivate brands and business owner to be more effective with their video marketing strategy.

How did Owen get started:

After graduating from college, Owen worked in web design and media marketing.  But it wasn’t a good fit for him, so in 2008 he returned to school to get a degree in filmmaking.  He then started a business producing short videos for local business – sometimes up to 20 videos per day!

What inspires Owen:

Owen enjoys listening to podcasts.  And he also goes to the grocery store at night to get ideas (looking at how each brand is trying to stand out on the shelf.)

Learning from a mistake:

Owen is learning from mistakes every day.  He’s constantly looking at how he could have done something better.  The specific example he gives is how a relationship with a client degraded when the client started getting advice from her college-age son.  He met the clients conflict with more conflict and stalemated.  He learned online that he needed skills to deal with a difficult client, learned those skills and was able to apply that to another future client.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Owen can’t live without his smartphone.  He has a Samsung S5 that has bailed him out of many problematic situations – from sending an emergency email to shooting a quick video.  He also kept his old iPhone 4, which can shoot video and connect to WIFI, but he no longer uses it as a phone.

Let’s talk money.

Owen uses YouTube for marketing.  He has two primary methods:

1) “The Ranker” is a video they use to post videos that rank well in YouTube and Google and allow clients searching for “video marketing” to find Videospot.

2) The Video Blog is a YouTube channel where they post three videos a week, positioning Owen as a thought leader in video marketing.  Potential clients find information on video marketing, then purchase video marketing from Owen.

These are two types of videos that Owen also produces for clients.

What’s next:

Videospot is rebranding.  They how to be the Hubspot of Video Marketing.  There are videographers that do some marketing, and marketing firms that can produce video, but Owen plans to be the leader in bringing video and marketing in a strategic fashion

How to find Owen:




Owen’s personal Facebook page