LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your network – but it can be really frustrating to see an invitation in your inbox, and not remember how you met person.  Or if you ever met that person.  In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you the very simple step you can take to make sure you aren’t the person leaving “anonymous invitations.”  And also a simple trick you can use to find that information in the future – helping you recall how you met someone when you sent them a personalized invitation.

LinkedIn provides a small down arrow next to the “send inmail” button. Clicking this allows you to customize your invite.

In the iPhone App, click the small box with an up arrow to customize your message.

Check out the video below to see the exact steps.

How does LinkedIn compliment Online Video?

Success on YouTube relies on building an audience – a subscriber base.  LinkedIn is a great tool to use to connect with potential audience members – especially if your audience is over 25, college educated and has a high annual income.

New Content for Subscriber Nation

Subscriber Nation is diversifying.  Interviews with online video creators will now be published once or twice a month on a Sunday.  And tutorials for people looking to build their online audience will be published on the other Sundays.  Quick Tips from Online Video Creators will still be published every Tuesday.  Let me know if you have any topics you’d like me to cover in the comments below.