Do you have a video from a speaking event that you would like to upload to YouTube?

In this video, I’m going to show you two things: how to upload a video of your talk on YouTube, and how to reformat your video presentation to reach a huge audience of potential clients and customers who are searching for your content.

How to upload your speaking gig to YouTube

  1. Go To YouTube. Log in to your account
  2. Upload your video file. Click on the button with an arrow with a line underneath that says UPLOAD. Choose the file that you want to upload from your computer (.mov/.mp4/or any video file) then drag and drop it over to YouTube.
  3. Add details to your video. Give your video a title, description and tags.
  4. Choose if you want your video to be Public, Unlisted, or Private.

  5. Publish your video.

If your talk was captured by a professional video production company where they use multiple cameras, then that’s all you need. But assuming you only have a recording captured by someone in the audience, then you’ll need to reformat your talk into something your online audience will enjoy.

How to reformat your presentation for an online audience

  1. Break up your talk into smaller pieces. Create two to four minutes of content. Think of your talk as a bunch of answers to your audience’s questions.
  2. Write a script for each video in this format: First, repeat the question and let them know that you’re going to answer it. You can throw in a little branding if you wish (not more than five seconds) then share the answer from your talk. Lastly, give the viewer an action item (i.e. ‘share this video’ or ‘leave a comment below’ or ‘visit my website.’)
  3. Record the videos on your webcam or smartphone. Record it close enough so that your head is taking up more than half of the screen. People will be watching you on a two-inch tall screen and you want them to recognize who you are.
  4. Upload the videos on YouTube. Add titles, tags, descriptions etc.
  5. Share your YouTube videos widely. Share it on LinkedIn, your website, your newsletter, etc.

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