Today’s interview is a bit special, because I’m interviewing myself, about my previous webseries Vancouvria.  Vancouvria is a parody of the IFC hit Portlandia, except it’s based in Portland’s northern suburb, Vancouver Washington.

How did Brighton get started:

Brighton was having a beer with friends and came up with the idea of a parody of Portlandia.  After talking about it for months, his wife told him it was time to either make the show or stop talking about it.

What inspires Brighton:

Brighton on not only inspired by Portlandia, but also the differences between urban and suburban lifestyles, and how proud we are of those differences.

Learning from a mistake:

Portland Monthly magazine profiled the lead actor in Vancouvria and Brighton realized that he needed to get in front of the camera.

Let’s talk money.

Brighton self-funded season one.  Season two was funded by Kickstarter ($3500.)  And the show has brought in a not-so-impressive $103 in advertising revenue.

What’s next:

Brighton is moving in front of the camera with Subscriber Nation!

How to find Vancouvria: