Tess from Miss Mavie Star is a Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube.  Vlogging (Video Blogging) is a great way to connect with your audience.

How did Tess get started:

Tess was procrastinating during exam week and decided to start a beauty channel on YouTube.  Her channel has evolved over the years.

What inspires Tess:

Tess is inspired by making really great content – she gets great ideas out walking, and meditates each morning.

Learning from a mistake:

Tess’ previous channel was hacked by a crazy stalker.  Lesson learned: don’t give out your personal information on the internet.  Tess posted the stalker story in one of her vlog posts.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Tess loves her Canon T3i DSLR.  It has a fold out display which is great for vlogging.

Let’s talk money.

Tess makes about $300 a year from ads that run on her blog and YouTube videos.  She reinvests this income into her channel. She also receives free products to review.

What’s next:

Tess wants to continue to grow her YouTube channel and Blog in her spare time while she finishes her Medical Assistant Certification.  She wants to let more people know about natural beauty and natural living.