Wayne Oppenheimer is the host of Wine Up TV.  Wayne has used his online interview show to grow his wine business in many new ways.

How did Wayne get started:

Wayne got laid off five years ago, and that’s when he found his passion in life.  He started a Wine Tour business, then a wine show on YouTube, then a wine shop.

What inspires Wayne:

Passion – his education is economics, but his passion is wine.

Learning from a mistake:

Life is all about mistakes.  And learning from them, like in the book Failing Forward by John Maxwell.

What’s next:

Kickstarter. Wayne wants to buy a Wine-a-bago and take it on a traveling road show around the country.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

Mark Newman – Wayne’s web designer and videographer.

Let’s talk money.

Wayne’s business is vertically integrated.  He has a wine tour business, a wine club, a wine bar, an e-commerce site and he teaches wine classes.

How to find Wayne: