Nowadays, you can find almost any type of coach on the internet. Do you want to be more mindful? Do you want to be unstuck in your business? Do you need someone to motivate you and teach you how to be healthy? Do you want to find financial freedom?

There’s a coach for almost everything.

But really, where did the term come from?

It started as a vehicle…

I did some digging to find out where the word ‘coach’ originated, and I discovered that it came from a small town in Hungary called Kotsh, where they built coaches.

It started out as a horse-powered coach, then a motorized one, which evolved into a popular term for individuals who work with you to make you better.

Back in the day, a coach is a horse-drawn carriage that can hold multiple people and transport them from point A to point B.

Similarly, a life coach today is someone who helps you get to where you want to be from where you are now – from point A, your starting point, to point B, which is your goal or destination.

Are you in the business of helping others?

If you are in the business of using your knowledge and skills to help propel others forward by personally working with them, then you are a coach!

If it’s a career you really want to pursue, then by all means – go for it! As long as you provide value, whatever field you specialize in – health, personal development, business, meditation, creativity, marketing, sales, dating, etc – you will succeed because of your desire to help others.

And as you help others, I’m here to help you. Online video marketing is something that would very much benefit coaches (and I go into more detail on that in this blog post).

Till then, have fun coaching!