When I started my business, I offered an amazing deal on Fiverr (sorry, this was too amazing of an offer to continue.) It gave me a chance to dig into many channels and help the creators with their YouTube presence. This channel (FurLifeLiving) gave me permission to review their channel in a video format so that I could share with you.

Starting on the Home Page:

I started my reviews by looking at the home page and seeing what is viewed by default.  Many creators don’t turn on the custom view, and YouTube defaults to showing your activity, not your videos.  I also look at the channel art and make sure the creator has turned on a custom URL.  Custom thumbnails are another feature that many people don’t take advantage of.


Looking inside the video:

Inside the video, I don’t pay much attention to the content – I stick to the technical aspects.  Does the video start fast and hook the viewer?  Are closed captions turned on?  Is there a Call-To-Action letting the viewer know what you want them to do before they finish the video.

Meta Data:

Tags, Titles and Descriptions (and Closed Captioning) are all read by search engines to determine the content of the video.  Google can’t “watch” the video, so they depend on the creator to explain the content in this text.

The rest:

Depending on the channel, I also included tips on sound and lighting, scheduling, playlists, analytics and promotions.

How to have your channel evaluated:

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