If you’re looking to build a strong presence on YouTube, I recommend that you follow the content formula that YouTube calls “Hero, Hub, and Hygiene” when planning your videos.

Today I’m going to explain this YouTube content strategy so you can create the right content and have a successful channel. I want to credit Derral Eves for pointing this out and setting me on the right path to success.


The hero video, or more popularly known as the “viral” video, is designed to get your channel widespread exposure.

To make a viral video, it has to be inherently shareable. Maybe it’s about a trending topic, or it can just be outrageously funny. It can be about cats, or dogs, or other cute animals.

This is the big, breakout video that everyone shares and you get millions of views, or a handful of targeted ones. I recommend that you only do this once or twice a year, because you will be investing a lot of resources in this video. You will also want to plan out timing and promotion.


Do you have an audience or a handful of loyal subscribers who just eat up your content? If that’s a YES, then you can start creating these types of videos.

This content appeals to your current subscribers. It’s more emotional, and may be focused on entertaining or inspiring your list. It can be a web series, or a daily/weekly vlog.

This is the content that keeps people interested in you.

Help (Hygiene)

These are the videos that pull people into your channel – the videos that answer their questions.

If you’re looking to find your clients through YouTube, then you should be creating content your client is looking for. For example, if you’re a dog trainer, you can create a video on how to teach your dog to drop the ball.

Action steps

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before creating your next video:

  • Where is your channel at right now?
  • What type of content will help you achieve your goals?
  • Are you just starting out, or do you already have an audience you want to foster?
  • Do you have an amazing idea that could go viral?

Do you know people creating videos, but maybe they have the wrong content focus? This is very common when people start out. Then they get frustrated and stop creating.

Share this video with them. If you have any questions, comment them down below.