Your coaching clients are probably working from home these days. Check out these tips from Leadership Coach Dave Raybould, PCC about how to coach clients during COVID-19. The coronavirus has forced many executives and professionals, who typically work in an office, to work from home. If you’re a coach, your clients probably have been at work during your coaching calls prior to the pandemic, but now they are at home and the rules need to change.

David’s Tips for Coaching Clients Who Are New to Working From Home:

  1. Clear agreements – make sure that the agreements you create around timekeeping, communication and prioritization are relative to the situation
  2. Loosen agreements – it’s hard to be as rigid with agreements when people have the kids at home and are struggling with the situation as it is. So don’t not hold people to account, but employ more compassion and understanding, maybe curiosity
  3. Trust in resourcefulness – yes your client’s situation might be difficult, however, trust in their innate ability to navigate uncertainty and overcome obstacles.
  4. Two ears, one mouth – cheesy saying I know, but when clients are struggling, they value a confidential ear, they value reflection and the clarity that comes through active listening
  5. Build Context – you don’t need context to do powerful coaching, but client’s value context building over time. Order their thoughts, build connections and relationships between ideas. Reflect back and check for understanding
  6. Don’t get drawn in – Don’t buy into disempowering stories. Notice how your client’s energy is impacting your energy, don’t let their drama become your drama
  7. Lead by example – Look after your own wellbeing, eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, manage your emotional state, take time to reflect.