Combining Virtual and in Person meetings is going to be our new normal.

In this video we explore the best practices for a combined zoom and in-person meeting.

How to combine virtual and in person meetings – best practices

  1. Appoint a Zoom Goddess or Zoom Czar. This person is going to be in charge of taking care of the people in the room. They will manage their participation and make sure their questions are heard by everyone. They will also be in charge of muting and unmuting people, watching out for those Zoom bombers and keeping the distractions away.
  2. The leader of the meeting should set expectations or ground rules, such as respecting the Zoom Goddess/Zoom Czar and setting an expectation that there is an equality between the people at home and those in the office.
  3. Start each meeting with physical activity or stretching. Have a 1-2 min stretch break at the beginning of your meeting, especially if you’re going to have an hour-long meeting.
  4. Prepare an agenda in advance.
  5. Have a standard zoom virtual background. Before, when everyone was in the same room during a meeting, your brains are able to comprehend that space. But now with more and more people joining meetings remotely, we’re seeing all these different backgrounds and our brains just struggle to comprehend and put all of these people in the same room.
    One solution is to take a picture of your meeting room and use that as everyone’s virtual background, so it feels like everyone is in the same room.
  6. Tolerate interferences.

What are your best practices for conducting virtual meetings and in person meetings? Share them with us in the comments!