Below is a collection of great articles pertaining to online video.

3-Play Media’s Video-SEO blog posts – how captions and transcripts can improve the search-ability of your website.

This post is a collection of links (101 of them) that talk about monetizing YouTube.

YT Talk is a an amazing online community of YouTubers. Get on there. Create an account and introduce yourself.  Do it right now!

Wondering how your videos are performing in the world of Social Media?

Try Shared Count to track how often your URL has been shared. [UPDATE: late 2015 – Twitter share data is no longer available.]

Use the VidIQ Vision Chrome Extension.

Need help marketing your videos is one place to get social shares for your videos.  I wouldn’t recommend: buying subscribers or overdoing your purchase.  But I’ve found that small purchases of Views, Likes, Facebook shares and Twitter shares can help get more eyeballs on your videos. I’ve stopped using this site as YouTube seems to be filtering out views from this site.

One alternate to LikesPlanet is  Same concept, a little more expensive, but much cheaper than, and it also allows small purchases. I’ve stopped using this site as YouTube seems to be filtering out views from this site.

This is a new site I’m trying out. It’s a directory.

Find hashtags for your social posts at

Want to add graphics?

Fiverr is a great resource. For intro graphics, this guy delivers: has lots of add on graphics for Final Cut, Premiere, Motion and After Effects, starting around $15 has still graphics, illustrations, fonts, infographics, etc

Want videos to rank better? can help with Keyword Research – but I’m not yet convinced… can help move your videos up in the ranking for particular keywords.

Need Royalty Free Music? – free music, just credit them. – free music, just credit them (or pay a small fee for a higher quality track.) – tracks for $3 ($5 to get multiple versions of the same track.) – great selection of tracks for around $20. – for $15 a month, you get to use as much music on one YouTube channel. – Not free – not even close. But great music, and a great interface to find the track you want. And they will even customize it for you. – have your music composed – unique for you.

Need the Instrumental Version of a Popular Song? (warning, YouTube could flag this)


Stock Photos and Videos – free stock photos, graphics and videos – Stock photos with pricing based on resolution, starting at $1 – Stock photos starting around $15, and video around $80 – Stock photos starting around $5, and video around $50 – Stock photos, a mix of free and paid.