The Association of Coach Training Organizations 2019 Conference is June 12-14 in Victoria BC and I’m one
of the sponsors.

Will you join me in Victoria? I’ve been to Victoria a couple of times in the past 10 years. It’s a gorgeous little town and I’ve invited my wife and a friend to join me after the conference for the weekend in Victoria. BTW, my birthday is Saturday, June 15th. The day after the conference. If you read this, wish me a happy birthday and then I’ll know that someone has read this page on my website 🙂


This year’s theme is: The Human Tapestry: Challenge. Illuminate. Celebrate. The talks are all focused on some aspect of diversity and inclusion and how coaching impacts them.


UPDATE: I hope to see you at the 2020 Conference in Alexandria Virginia.




If you’ll be in Victoria for ACTO, send me an email and let me know



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