Admittedly, this is going to be a non-expert post. But I wanted to share it, and I hope to update it as I learn more.

My “video packages” page was really slow. It’s also a page with over a dozen YouTube and Vimeo videos. When embedding videos, you get some SEO benefit (from time spent on a page to video results in Google.) But the players load along with the page – and in my case, made the page crawl.

So I tried switching all my videos to be just still images on the page and then when they are clicked, they open in a light box (easier to watch at a bigger size anyway.) 

This cut my load time by nearly 70%!

I know that Google likes video and I know that Google likes fast web pages. What I don’t know is how this trade-off works.

And here is that non-expert part. I just don’t know what to recommend. But I wanted to post this blog to let people know my experience and hope to get some comments from people that know more than me 🙂