We use the service Frame.io to review videos when we first start working together.

You’ll receive an email invitation to join this secure service. Then you’ll be notified when new videos or comments are uploaded.

You can watch the video and leave feedback for us throughout the video. The comments are tied to the timecode of the video – so we’ll know the exact spot in the video that you are talking about. And you can even draw on the screen to show us what you are looking for.

Open the link from the email.

Push the play button to view the video. You can use the J, K and L keys to reverse or fast-forward.

When you want to make a comment, use the box at the bottom to start typing. The video will freeze. Push the “paper airplane” when your comment is complete. If the blue box is checked, then the comment is tied to that point of the video. If it’s unchecked, then the comment is a “general comment” that isn’t specific to any point in the video. Your comments show up on the right, and a mark is made on the timeline below the video showing the point the comment is tied to.

At the top, you’ll see a version number. Clicking on this will allow you to see different versions, and even compare them side-by-side.

Above the video in the upper right is a button an up arrow. This allows you to share the video with friends.

Next is a button with three dots, this allows you to download a copy the video if you wish.

If you’re interested in purchasing Frame for your business, you can get a free month by using our affiliate link. Thanks!