YouTube Series Editing and Promotion forSharon LaCroix, Weight Loss Coach.

Sharon releases a weekly video on YouTube to promote her business Bon Vie Weight Loss. Sharon records each video with her iPhone in her office. Brighton helped Sharon set up her office for video recording, including a teleprompter. We edit, upload, optimize and promote each video for Sharon so that she doesn’t need to worry about the technical side of YouTube.

One aspect of YouTube growth that we seek to Maximize is search traffic for targeted terms. Sharon’s channel has been very successful at growing the views coming from people searching YouTube for terms related to her business.

Graph of Search Traffic

Growth in Search Traffic

Prior to working with us, Sharon had hired a content production team to research and create informative videos for her YouTube channel. We changed the strategy to focus on Sharon on camera so that potential clients would get to know, like and trust her. And we optimized each video so that her potential clients could find her videos on YouTube.

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