Sometimes I work with clients in my small home studio – if you are coming by, here’s a quick tour so you know what to expect. And if you’re looking to set up a home video studio there’s a different post for that.

Where is Brighton West Video located?

I’m in Portland, Oregon, just a stone’s throw from the Bagdad Theater on Hawthorne. Be sure to use a map or GPS – my street is just one block long, so it can be really easy to miss.

The AWF Home Studio

When you arrive, feel free to park up in the driveway, or there’s usually street parking available. I’m in an old 1907 house, with a studio that’s great for creating simple but professional videos.

My studio doesn’t have a separate entrance, so come on up to the front door – I’ll answer along with the greeting committee, which includes a very lovable golden retriever and most likely an attention-starved cat.

There’s a restroom where you can change or prep your makeup, then we’ll head to the studio.

It’s set up to record one or two people with a white or a black background. We’ll decide in advance which is right for you, and it will be ready when you arrive.

The room is really bright, but don’t worry – the lights are cool lights, so it won’t heat up the room and make you “glisten.”

I’ll help you attach a lavalier microphone to your clothes and if we decide in advance to use a teleprompter, I’ll get you familiar with how that works.

The recording process

When you’re ready to start recording, you’ll look directly at the camera or the teleprompter and start talking.

Don’t worry – we’ll have covered what you need to say in the days prior to the recording date. If you make a mistake, just back up a sentence or two and start over. The mistake will be edited out and no one will ever notice.

You can pretend your best friend is inside the camera, if that helps. And I’ll coach you to make sure you look awesome on camera.

One thing to note is that the camera absorbs energy, so you want to push up your energy level higher than normal. And I’ll be sure to help you find that right level.

I’ll also be watching your eyes, gestures and listening for things that would impact the final video.

I’ll probably ask you to repeat some lines a few times and give you some direction about your delivery. You can ask me questions, pause or restart whenever you wish.

I’ll also ask you to smile for the camera to get a couple of photos that we’ll use for things like thumbnails for your video. This is also a great opportunity to update your headshot on LinkedIn or Facebook.

That’s it! From there, I’ll work with my editor to create your video, and I’ll usually have the first draft in a week or two.

If you have any questions, please reach out. There are no dumb questions! I want you to be cool and confident when you’re here.

I look forward to working with you and creating something amazing!