If you want to post YouTube videos or comments, you need a channel.

Anyone can view YouTube videos, but if you want to do more than view you need a free upgrade.

To upvote or downvote videos, or to subscribe to channels, you need an account. I have a video to show you how to create your YouTube account.

To post comments or videos, you need a channel. This article shows you how to create a channel – it’s easy!

What is a YouTube Channel

A YouTube Channel is like your homepage on YouTube.  You can customize it, or leave it with the default settings.  When you first create it, it will share your activity.  What videos are you commenting on,  what videos are you uploading, are you making any playlists?

You can customize your channel to display just the videos you upload, custom channel art, a trailer asking viewers to subscribe, an about page, playlists, etc.

How to set up a YouTube Channel

1. Sign in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have one yet, check out my post about creating a YouTube account.

2. Click your image on the upper right hand corner and click ‘Creator Studio’.

3. Click ‘Create a channel’.

4. Confirm your information.

5. Change your channel name as you please. Click ‘Continue’.

Ta-da! You now have a YouTube Channel! You can customize your channel by adding channel art, your photo, a channel trailer, et cetera. And if you want to see how your channel looks like, click the YouTube button then click on ‘My Channel’.

Simple, right? Enjoy uploading and commenting on YouTube!