Light stands take up a lot of space.

The solution? Wall mount photography lights. 

In this video, I’m going to show you how to install a wall ceiling mount that you can buy from Amazon right here.

I bought a Meking Photography Photo Studio Video Wall Ceiling Mount (a mouthful, I know – but totally worth buying!) to install my photography light hanging down from the wall.

Pros of using wall mounts

Light stands take a lot of room, so it’s all about saving space. Using wall/ceiling mounts will make your studio less cluttered and have fewer light stands.

How to mount photography lights to your ceiling or wall


  1. Use a stud finder on the wall.
  2. Install the screws – the big ones should go into the stud and the short ones going into the anchors.
  3. Attach the light to your mount and adjust the angles as you please.

Pretty easy, right? You can head over here or click the video above to watch the full tutorial and find where you can order a wall mount for your studio.

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