Sharing videos on YouTube is a valuable way to spread your message about your business, your hobby, your favorite game – even your cat!

There’s a couple of steps – record, maybe edit, upload to your channel and set your metadata.

But first, you have to have a channel. Here is my blog post on how to create a YouTube channel.

How to record your first video on YouTube

1. Set up your webcam or laptop such that the camera is at your eye line.

2. Go into and log in to your account.

3. Click the ‘Upload’ button at the left of your headshot, which is at the upper right hand corner.

4. Click ‘Webcam Capture’ on the right hand side.

5. Click the ‘Start recording’ button and then allow access to your camera. Make sure you’re looking AT the camera, not down at the computer screen. Also keep in mind your volume level, which you can see on the right side – you should not be too loud nor too soft.

6. Start recording. Remember to start and stop with a smile to make editing a little bit easier.

7. Hit ‘Stop recording’ once you’re done.

8. Click ‘Continue.’

9. Edit the metadata. You can change the title of your video, create a description and include some tags.

10. Set the Privacy of your video. Public means everyone can see it. Unlisted means anyone who has the URL can see it. Private means only you and the people in Google+ whom you share it with can have access to it.

11. Click ‘Publish.’

There you have it! Now you have created your first video on YouTube!

If you want to edit your video’s Info and Settings some more, head over to Video Manager. Find your video and click ‘Edit.’ There you can change the thumbnail, you can copy the video URL and share it with your friends, etc.

So easy and simple!