Do you want your videos to look professional?

In this video, I’m going to talk about the zoom button, and how it can make or break the quality of your video.

You can also make zooming mistakes in your video editing software, so whether you’re using a DSLR, iPhone, or a webcam, this video still applies to you.

Why you should avoid using zoom

When we zoom in to something, the way we do it naturally is we move closer to the object, and so when we see it done on a video, it looks unnatural.

If you’re using zooms to create a visual effect or doing it between shots to give your audience some variety, go ahead and do it! But if all you want is to get closer to the subject while you are filming, you should just move the camera closer to the subject while recording. This is called a dolly shot in the film industry.

The three types of zoom pros do

  1. Super Slow Zoom. This is self-explanatory. You’ll find this in videos of the State of the Union address. What it does is it adds a little bit of visual interest for the audience in what would otherwise be a really boring shot.
  2. The Office Zoom. Made popular by The Office, it’s when the camera guy becomes part of the show and he uses the camera zoom to direct the viewers’ attention.
  3. Artistic Zoom. This is for experimental filmmakers who break all the rules.

If you want your videos to look like a home movie, zoom all you want. But if you want it to look professional, avoid using the zoom button!

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