Welcome to Brighton West Video. Sorry for the under construction website. We are so close to having something to share with the world that we decided to… well… share it with the world a little early.

The idea behind this website, and Brighton West Video, is to help people tell their story – online, using video, and doing it continuously.

Many folks are already telling their stories (or their companies stories) online. Only a few use video, and a smaller group does it well. We are a resource for people that want to take their web series to the next level. Even if that’s moving from the basement to the first floor. Or if that’s moving from floor 99 to the penthouse. We will provide value.

Where did I cut my storytelling teeth?  With Vancouvria, a web series spoof of Portlandia.  I’ve done a little blogging about it here.

Check back soon – we promise to create content you’ll love.