Don’t want to memorize lines when recording videos? Then a teleprompter would be great for you!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use a teleprompter and how you can look good every time you use it.

Teleprompter PROs

  1. You don’t need to memorize your lines. All you need to do is read!
  2. Shorter recording time. Simply switch it on and nail your video in a couple of takes.
  3. It cuts down editing time. Teleprompters allow you to stick to the script and avoid going off topic, which makes it easier for video editors to work with.
  4. It makes you look more natural. Most people get nervous when speaking in front of a camera. Teleprompters can help you become more relaxed because you don’t have to remember your lines and just act naturally, as if you’re speaking to a friend.

How to use a teleprompter – six tips:

  1. Write out your script completely. Write out all words and numbers – especially big numbers.
  2. Learn your script. Practicing a lot will make it easy for you to read your script.
  3. It takes away 10% of your energy. Reading from a teleprompter makes people a bit more mellow, so it’s important to take your energy to the next level when using it.
  4. Gesture and move. Don’t stop moving! The more you move your body, the movement of your eyes becomes less obvious.
  5. Stand away from the teleprompter. But not so far that you can’t read it – only enough so the movement of your eyes will be less visible.
  6. Have someone regulate the speed of the teleprompter. You can’t have it too fast or too slow, so someone should be there to control how fast it goes. You can also use a software like Speakflow on your computer or PromptSmart on your Smartphone. Both will listen to you reading and scroll the text accordingly.

Are you ready to use a teleprompter? Just follow the six tips above and you’ll do great!

If you’re looking to buy your own, here’s one that I highly recommend.