Last week, I shared a video on how to speed up and get the information you need faster from YouTube videos.

This week, I’m going to share another time-saving tip – how to make videos start playing at a specific time. This is useful when you want to share videos with your friends or clients and want to skip the less important parts.

Sharing videos that start playing at a specific time

Say you’re watching a TEDtalk on YouTube and you want to share it with a coaching client or a friend, but you want it to start at the part you found most interesting.

Share YouTube Start TimeAll you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Pause the video at the point you’d like it to start.
  2. Click ‘Share’. There’s a ‘Start at:’ box at the bottom of the section that shows the time where you paused the video.
  3. Check the ‘Start at’ box. You will notice that the share link has changed and ‘?t=XmYs’ has been added to it. (X=minute, Y=seconds)
  4. Copy and paste that link in a new tab and you’ll see the video starting at that point.

Easy, right?

There’s also a way to stop a video at a certain point. It will involve inserting a little bit of code, which I will explain in a future video.