“This channel has no content.”

Have you ever visited a channel you’re not subscribed to, and saw this notification? Turns out, this is a pretty common YouTube error that shows up for people who are not subscribed to the channel they’re looking at.

If you’re a video creator or use YouTube for your business, you might not be aware of this, so make sure to check out the video below.

Check your channel

  1. Log in to YouTube.
  2. Head over to your channel homepage by clicking ‘My channel’ on the left sidebar, or click your avatar in the upper right, then click ‘My channel.” One of these two will work depending on the version of YouTube you are seeing. YouTube Banner
  3. Click “customize channel” 
  4. Under your banner you’ll see your channel name, and right beside it, a dropdown button right beside View as. Click the dropdown button and select New visitor.

If you see your videos or your channel trailer, you’re good. If not, you’re going to see an error that says “This channel has no content.”

How to fix “This channel has no content”

Make sure that you’re viewing your channel homepage as Yourself. You’ll see a couple of tabs that say ‘For returning subscribers’ and ‘For new visitors’ – click ‘For new visitors’. From here, you can follow one or both of the steps below.

  1. Add a channel trailer. If you don’t have a channel trailer yet, you’ll see a button that says (+) Channel trailer. Click that and either select any of your existing videos to be your channel trailer, or you can create one.
  2. Add a section. Below the trailer you’ll see a button that says (+) Add a section. Sections are the groups of videos you can see under the channel trailer. It can be anything from your most Popular uploads, Liked videos, Posted videos, Playlists, etc.

And that’s it! If you view your channel as a new visitor, you’re going to see content and your videos won’t be hidden anymore. It’s a quick and simple fix!