If you’re a coach and you’ve been following my content for a while, you know that I’ve talked about how to use video as a tool to grow your business.

You can use video in a lot of ways, but before you hit that record button, you should know what type of video to create and how it’s going to fit in your business strategy.

You should first determine what your goals are before creating a video, so today I will go through three business goals and how video can help you achieve them.

Achieve your business goals with video

First, you have to be clear about the goal you want to achieve. I say goal – not goals – because you might be tempted to try to hit two or more goals with one video.

My advice: don’t try to do everything. While you might be able to achieve two goals at once, I’d say just focus on one goal, and add a lot of value to your video.

The three goals you can reach with video are: build you brand, build your audience and build your practice.

Use video to build your coaching brand
  1. Video headshot. Use a video headshot on your homepage or About page to let your target market know who you are and what you do. You can also add it to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Authority building. Create weekly videos or a series of videos showing that you know your craft. TIP: Don’t hesitate to add a lot of value to your videos!
  3. Video testimonials. Building trust with potential clients is very important, and this is where video testimonials come in. This helps soon-to-be clients know that you are who you say you are, and having it come from other people you’ve served will certainly boost your credibility.


Use video to build your coaching audience
  1. Lead generation. You can use video on any part of the funnel. You can create a video at the top of the funnel that directs your audience to a landing page; in the middle of the funnel, where you can ask for an email address; or at the bottom of the funnel as a lead magnet.
  2. Webinars. Nothing helps you sell your product or service like a great webinar.
  3. Facebook Live and Snapchat. Give your followers a peek at your real life with a behind-the-scenes video, or create engagement in your Facebook community by doing a live video.
  4. YouTube Channel. As a coach, it’s natural for you to want to help as many people as you can. Working with you is the best way to do that, but not everyone can afford to hire a coach, and this is where YouTube comes in. Create content with your potential clients in mind and embrace this opportunity to share your wisdom with the world. Not only will this help build your audience; it will also build your authority and credibility.


Use video to build your coaching offering
  1. Video conferencing. The awesome thing about being an online coach is you can have clients from all over the world, and you can interact with them using Skype or Zoom.
  2. E-courses. While there are some who can afford to hire you, there will always be people who can’t afford to work with you one-on-one, and the best way to serve them would be through an e-course. Not only does this encourage them to invest in themselves, it’s also a great way for you to make passive income.


So which video is best for your business? It depends on your business. 

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