If you want to use YouTube for business, you should know that it’s not just a video-sharing platform, but also a search engine.

In this video, I’m going to talk about how you can benefit from this and use it to attract the right audience for your product or solution.

YouTube is a Search Engine

Did you know that YouTube is the go-to place for people asking questions that start with “How to…”? This lets people in your target audience who aren’t your subscribers to find you and subscribe to your channel, and eventually become customers or clients.

YouTube for Coaches, Authors and Speakers

If you are a coach, being on YouTube has great benefits.

Say, you’re a coach that helps women overcome eating disorders. 10,000 people each month search Google for that phrase – and they are actively looking for your help.

Because YouTube is a search engine just like Google, it will help them find you and the information they need more easily.

So if you want to attract your target audience to your audience, then being on YouTube is the way to go.

I’ve created a guide to help coaches get found on YouTube. You should see a link to that on the right side of this page.